What’s Total Customer Immersion? #CustomerCare #CypherPoems

Originally published at www.linkedin.com.

We are the customer.

And the customer is us.

Totally immersed in our clients net.

Side by side we design tweak & fix.

We feel the customer pain & drain.

Nothing the customer wants is vain.

In rain & gains we work together.

Hearts pounding when under attack.

Phone ringing when not on track.

Feeling the struggle together.

Maximising digital efficiency.

And working out all intricacies.

Reaping the rewards of digital & IoT.

Smiling together and chilling at last.

We are the customer.

The customer is us.

That’s total customer immersion!

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About these poems:

This poem is part of a collection of encrypted poems for which only the author has the keys. But for those who are brave, a long journey to attempt to decrypt the new digital transformation and information technology related topics based on the author real life experience in the network and security field and career spanning more than 10 years. In these poems, the author often escapes GeekLand and drifts into geo politics, current affairs, philosophy, spirituality, and economics. In the spirit of open source poetry, all feedback (including bad ones) will be much appreciated. Keep reading those poems, for you may learn something about life on earth.

Legal Disclaimer: The author accepts no responsibility in cypher mismatch, bias outcries, weak encryption, NSA intercepts, or headaches suffered by readers whilst trying to digest these poems. No legal claims can be made against the author for mental or psychological damages, or the frustration suffered by Shakespeare followers given that a professional poem writer or a distinguished artist who has attended the Royal Academy of Arts did not edit these poems. Reader’s caution is therefore recommended. These poems are best consumed after a few drinks. You have been warned!

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