Who Is Winning The CyberWar? #CyberSecurity #InfoSec #CypherPoems

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This cyber thing is full of hype.

Sure lots of bad guys are trying.

But vendors are also fighting back.

Bad guys have won some fights.

But good guys are winning the war.

The Internet is designed to be open.

Good human nature will always prevail.

Don’t believe the hype.

But do your defence-in-depth.

Let the baddies flow through layers.

Hope that one will trip the wire.

As they travel through the apps stack.

A trail is left to match their failures.

Leaving them in fire and smoke.

As they always leave a trace.

A trace that leads to the bot-net.

To find a hidden Kerberos.

This digital battle is complex.

Things will get worse with IoT.

Make sure you defend in layers.

Things are never what they appear to be.

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About these poems: Self Published Amazon Poems By Marco Essomba (@marcoessomba) a Network and Security Expert, Self Confessed Geek, CTO/Cofounder of AMPS Intl, a leading UK based Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Solutions Provider with niche expertise in the world’s most advanced ADCs (www.amps-global.com). This poem is part of a collection of encrypted poems for which only the author has the keys. But for those who are brave, a long journey to attempt to decrypt the new digital transformation and information technology related topics based on the author real life experience in the network and security field and career spanning more than 10 years. In these poems, the author often escapes GeekLand and drifts into geo politics, current affairs, philosophy, spirituality, and economics. In the spirit of open source poetry, all feedback (including bad ones) will be much appreciated. Keep reading those poems, for you may learn something about life on earth.

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