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With the global cybercrime cost to businesses exceeding $375 billion (according to a recent estimate from Intel Security), SecOps cannot be ignored easily. Moreover, as businesses start to streamline software development cycles to speed up the delivery of Enterprise Apps — such as large-scale CRM, ERM, HRM — DevOps cannot be ignored either.

SecOps and DevOps are both crucial for the creation of an application delivery infrastructure and processes that are optimised and efficient to deliver Enterprise Apps in a fast and secure manner.

There is a lot of confusion about SecOps and DevOps terms, their meaning, and purpose. Implementing the right strategy that can leverage both to make SecOpsDevOps work for the business is crucial in order to meet today’s constant and relentless demand on IT to deliver a faster pace of Digital Transformation.

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What is SecOps?

SecOps is all about bringing people, processes, and security tools to make the applications and underlying network infrastructure more secure through automated deployment, monitoring, and seamless integration. It’s a win-win for businesses as security operations are streamlined, quality assurance improved, and applications are more robust to resist against the growing number of cyber-attacks or advanced persistent threats (APT).

There are no short-cuts to SecOps. Software developers must be more aware and trained about network and application security in order to deliver secure apps. A consistent plan that allows businesses to respond quickly and effectively to discovered application exploits when they arise should also be part of the plan. It is all so common to rush to implement a SecOps strategy after an application has been compromised.

A number of high profile hacks in major firms worldwide are a case in point. But SecOps on its own will not do the trick. SecOps and DevOps must unite in order to enable organisations to reap the full rewards of the Digital Transformation.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps brings an interactive approach to software development by pulling all the core pillars in one coherent process including: Management, Integration, Communication, Information Sharing, Collaboration, Automation, and Monitoring.

The aim is to allow a flexible, reliable, and agile way to push software updates in complex network environments. No single tool or methodology is suitable for all companies; rather a mix of tools and processes that fit each business requirements and environment needs in order to achieve a development and deployment cycle that is productive and very efficient.

DevOps must work closely with SecOps to ensure that business applications are delivered with the utmost standard of application and network security. By combining both we get SecOpsDevOps.

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SecOps & DevOps Working As One.

Since SecOps and DevOps are working towards the same goal it makes sense to integrate the two more closely.

By joining people, processes, software development, and security tools the automated delivery of Enterprise Apps can be very fast, very secure, and highly efficient. For this to happen a huge technical and cultural shift is required. The DevOps and SecOps team must stop the ‘blame games’ and work together for an application delivery infrastructure that combines network and applications components as one holistic unit. The two must merge smoothly to unleash the the full power of Enterprise Apps. This also directly translates to a competitive edge and profitable outcome for businesses.

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