“It’s estimated that #NetWalker has amassed more than $25M as a result of #ransomware attacks this year alone” | https://buff.ly/3gv4Sso

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How do you fight back effectively?

My advice to our clients is always the same: Fast | Secure | Recoverable

[#Fast] – Ability to recover your systems fast, therefore your network & infrastructure as a whole must be designed not to include a single point of failure, must include multi sites failover, with a backup & restore system that actually work.

[#Secure] – Multi layer protection is a must. Traditional AV won’t work. You need a blend of endpoint heuristic/behaviour based analysis that is proven to detect known & zero-day threats. …

[Watch] #InfoSec Bites – SSL/TLS Offloading Explained | By @marcoessomba

youtu.be/S4iNV7Cs8DI via @YouTube

#CyberSecurity #defenseindepth #SSL #TLS #ADC

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Image: Cybersecurity Trends UK

A quarterly magazine backed by the UN ITU that aims to increase awareness on CyberThreats posed by CyberCrime and provides many tips on how to fight back. Get your FREE PDF copy today: https://bit.ly/31TxS7R

‘Complexity is the enemy of security’. With a rising number of disparate cybersecurity solutions not talking to one another, BlockAPT (backed by LORCA Cyber) leads the way by simplifying your security ecosystem.

Video: BlockAPT

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Cybercriminals are always on the lookout to exploit well publicised events by using social engineering. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a perfect example where cybercriminals are creating sophisticated fraud schemes as a way to trick users into clicking malicious links to download malware by using phishing techniques. Amongst many attack types, phishing continues to pose a significant threat to individuals and organisations of all sizes. …

BREAKING NEWS: We can officially announce that #BlockAPT Platform has gone live. Check out the new website: https://bit.ly/2UyXUe1 to see how we can safeguard your digital assets.

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#CyberSecurity #MMAR #DefenseInDepth #SOAR

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9 mins read by Marco Essomba, Last Updated Friday, June 14th, 2019

The concept of a self-defending network is not new. In the early 2000s, leading network and security vendors such as IBM [1] and Cisco [2] used the term to describe a network-as-a-platform. A collection of network and security devices working together as one unit to defend against cyber-attacks by adapting continuously to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

10 years ago, the technology and tools required to bring together multiple vendors to create a self-defending network was very limited. Moreover, the cost of building such a system was prohibitive, and the market as a whole was not ready. Most security vendors had closed systems with no ability to integrate them with other third-party systems. …

10 mins read by Marco Essomba, Last Updated July 2020

Growing Challenge of Cyber Threats

The challenges facing enterprises today to protect their digital assets against the deluge of growing cyber threats are well documented. ENISA Threat Landscape Report 2018 found that

“Information theft, loss, or attack is now the prevalent type of crime against organisations, overpowering physical theft, which, until 2017, was the most common type of fraud against corporations for a decade”. [1]

And according to the University of Maryland,

“Malicious hackers are now attacking computers and networks at a rate of one attack every 39 seconds.” [2]

Cyber threats are not limited to enterprises as consumers devices used in the Internet of Things (IoT) are also under attack. The Mozilla Internet Health Report 2018 estimates that the number of Internet-connected devices will double from 2015 to 2020 to reach 30 billion devices worldwide [3] with Kaspersky Lab detecting three times as many malware samples targeting smart devices in the first half of 2018. …

Delighted to be selected to speak at the DATA PROTECTION WORLD FORUM, 20TH & 21ST NOVEMBER 2018 | EXCEL LONDON. Register for free. https://bit.ly/2P8loWo | #CyberSecurity #InfoSec #DataProtection via @DataProtectWF | @marcoessomba

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Join us for the next #CyberTalks event in London, 18 Sept 2018, ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN CYBER – Free Pizza & Drinks! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cybertalks-entrepreneurship-in-cyber-free-pizza-drinks-tickets-48980242223 @CyberTalkLDN

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Marco Essomba

Founder & CTO @blockapt | Helping organisations protect, defend & future proof their digital assets | #Cybersecurity #MMAR #SOAR | **We Are Hiring**🚀

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