The importance of look at yourself everyday.

Nowadays we got so used of getting every kind of information, from everything, through anyway that it obligated us to turn “multi-task”. If you stop to think about it, it’s not necessary a bad thing, you can be more productive and reach more results from working, or studying, or any other thing… But, if you really (I mean, REALLY!) think about it, and try to see it from other side, you will see how we try to look at everything, but ourselves. We are so worried about finishing jobs with short deadlines, studying for college/school, paying our bills, and a lot of other stuffs that we forget the mainly thing that we should really worry: US!

When was the last time that you really stop doing anything and pay attention at you? Who you really are? How you used to like things, or, how you used to see the world? What did you do for yourself today?

If you don’t know what to answer or simply had to think more than a minute about it, my friend, I have bad news for you.

But, here is a little tip for you, try to reserve some couples minutes during the day only and specially for you, try to feel the world around you, see how you are dressed, see what you did during the day until that moment, feel your breathing, try to see if you are proud of what you are doing and what you are, meet an old best friend and go somewhere to chat, maybe drink some beers.. Do it!

But please, don’t forget yourself, doing things that makes you feel alive, things that make you forget every other problem and make you look inside yourself and remember who you are.

This is my first publication, and in English, in Medium, probably it will have some mistakes but I really hope I could help you somehow…