The Bernie Sanders I Thought I Knew Is Gone
Sasha Stone

I read your whole post and I wish you have the guts to read mine, instead of typing “Zzzzz” like you did to Sam Davis. That's disrespectful.

So let me be honest with you. I'm not even an American, I'm from Mexico, but if I care about this election process is because My aunt and grandmother live in California and my cousins in El Paso; as a matter of fact, my current girlfriend is an American, I met her in California. So I care about who's winning since I have friends and family over there that have the American citizenship. And your post really bugged my curiosity, so I read it and honestly, is a slander against Sanders and I’ll tell you why. You are saying that it’s all about Bernie and that it’s about he’s “god rise”, without stating any real facts? You say almost at the end, “Though tensions might have run high in 2008, as poll numbers show us, neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama ever engaged in such sloppy, cruel, abusive and destructive “anything to win” tactics. They both maintained a level of dignity and civility — a nicety Sanders has conveniently abandoned in the cry for “revolution.”” Well, I remember the process in a different way. As a matter of fact, it was really intense, go watch their debates, they were even stronger than the ones between Sanders and Hilary, and actually, Hilary was in the same situation Sanders was back in 2008, her supporters also said that they would never back Obama; even in an interview with CNN Hillary said that about 40% of her supporters said they would never backed him in the general election, and now you're blaming Sanders supporters for doing the same? That has a name, and it's called being a hypocrite. All the points you give in your post are just your interpretation of Sanders.An interpretation that you are given just because you support Hillary, and there’s no big problem with that, she has said it that she and Bernie are not that different and she speaks the truth on that, but for you to say that her plans are way better than Sandres, without giving any concrete statement on why is that… well that´s straight ptopaganda. As a matter of fact, I encounter this post from a Hillary supporting page on FB. And don't get me wrong, even my girlfriend that I love so very much is going to vote for Hillary and that's fine, she knows what she wants for a president and she´s not just voting for her just cause she´s a woman. I say this because you're trying to appear unbiased and that you're giving facts about Bernie, and it´s just not true. Like, in the comments you said “Bernie stands up for Bernie. You’ll figure this out when you’re a little older.” So it is a problem of age and not of facts? What are you talking about? That's like the biggest disrespect you could give. And then you say that the Bernie supporters are hostile and stuff, but you don't recognize that you are being very rude to lot´s of this comments. It seems to me that you just respond to those that insult you, and those that start an honest argument you just showed a lack of respect. But hey to some of them you did answer them correctly, that is, trying to start a conversation. And yes, some comments on this post might sound like propaganda and others ARE propaganda for Bernie. Okay. It’s true. But you act like you have the complete truth and all the points you are giving are correct. Well, that doesn't makes you any better than those Bernie supporters am I right? And there's no problem with that. Look, if I was an American I would vote for Bernie, I admit it. He's not perfect. Of course he's not. Some of the points you gave like the trip to Rome or that he never mentions Biden on the Iraq war issue, you are right, you are justified on pointing that out. But attacking him as a sexist or a God, that's just your propaganda advocating for Hillary, that's a slander against Sanders, plain and simple.

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