Revolutions Do Not Go Unheard

fight on.

“Keep up your effort.”

“I’m proud of you regardless.”

“Good job! You really are speaking out.”

If any of the three above, or anything along lines, are responses to someone trying to change up something they do not like, then you might as well keep your damn mouth shut. In two weeks time, I have been approached by both peer and adults commending me on my effort to obstruct the system. It is comments in similarity that riles me up. When we revolt, it is not about effort. When we revolt, it is about action.

It begins with one. With one unhappy person — no, not unhappy — angry. One person angry at the way the system is working against the people they serve. And when anger festers, it transforms into something powerful. Passion. Drive. Something that pushes you to be more than what the system is hoping you would become.

And then, you organize. You find likeminded people like you who are too afraid to stand alone, but now, they’re not alone. You’re not alone. You rally the troops and soon, you have people who share a common vision for the betterment of the cause you are fighting for.

However, things do get shaky. People push back, sometimes, it’s the people you never thought would. The system may even seem unreachable. The sluggish, frail feeling of hope diminishing is way too apparent. But it is in that moment, that feeling that sequesters you to feel hopeless, that you fight back even harder.

So, you do. You drop everything else and you revolt. You protest, you speak, you use your damn voice. You choose one side or the other:

“Your life is either defined by the system, or by the way you defy the system.”— Nomi Marks, Sense 8

You defy the system that does not serve the people and you demand — and hell do you demand. All signs of tepidness fades away and you make your voice heard. And trust me, your voice is heard. When you begin to rock the boat, you bring light to the holes already letting the water in.

Through my entire process of ensuring a virtuous future for KIPP King, I have come to solidly my love for youth noise. Many adults have come to shrug us off and when we raise hell with our organized, poised demeanor — it truly is a sight to see. If there is anything I have learned from this process, it is that when young minds come together, it becomes something more than noise. It becomes an astute, powerful revolution.

— Marco-Landon 6/8/17

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