Something worth fighting for —

[fire; a symbol of resilience, passion, and hope]

These past two months have been rough. Every day is a constant battle of whether or not it’s worth it to set an alarm anymore — to even wake up. An alarm signifies a new a day, a new fight.

It’s hard enough to be constantly fighting, but to put up a facade to everyone around you is the roughest thing. The people who you care about the most seeing you at your lowest… definitely not one of the sights to be seen.

But hope, a word, a mantra, everything that I stand for, will always burn brighter than any darkness. For the world may be daunting, it may be dark, and it sure as hell can be frightening…

“But I will not settle with the world’s mistakes without a fighting heart.”

I will fight, not for me, but for the ones that I love, for the ones I know will cause fissures and aftershocks, for those that are the glimmer of hope that this dark world is waiting for.

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