Cool off in need.

This is a short and sweet story that I wrote in a contest whose theme was “inside a computer”.

Inside a bedroom, late at night.

- “Hey son, could you please close your windows?”
- “Why mother?”
- “Because there’s a virus out there, and you don’t want to catch a cold, now do you?”
- “Even if I’m protected?”
- “Never mind, just make sure you don’t get a fever. What are you doing, anyway?”
- “Oh, just some calc. I need to send these results to my boss, but he won’t stop giving me instructions on what to do.”
- “You work too hard!”
- “Hey mother, I’m the brains of the family! Who else would you ask to do your tasks?”
- “Well, you’re right. Your brother simply couldn’t handle it. But he has a graphics career of his own.”
- “Off course, mother. People only care about graphics nowadays… Just wait until performance becomes the norm again.”
- “Anyway, send your boss a message: tell him that you’re quitting. You need to shut yourself too, you know.”
- “Ok, fine. I’ll do it Mother Board.”
- “See you later CPU.”

And then CPU’s boss gets frustrated that he can’t play his game anymore that night. Tired, he gives Monitor a rest too, and goes to bed.