How Facebook is keeping up both earnings and user engagement.

Welcome to my first post on Medium. I’m Marco Musi and I run the marketing for

For the last months I’ve been paying attention to how Facebook is evolving his product and how companies are adapting to it. Nothing too advanced, but still very meaningful.

Growth is an issue if you don’t handle it.

In the last few years Facebook became one of the 3 most important places to be for almost every type of business, others being the world and Google Search
This kind of importance drove to Facebook a huge amount of business pages, everyone of them posting just to get visibility, most of the time. 
The situation is clear: nobody wants that amount of commercials in your Feed, you don’t or either you leave the platform, so Facebook doesn’t want too.

Sometimes making choices means leaving someone behind.

Here comes the change of the Feed’s algorithm, and it came many times. Facebook is lowering more and more the visibility of pages, giving it back to personal profiles. Now you can see more photos and thoughts from your friends and less click baiting posts.
This adjustment is keeping up the engagement for the users but if you have a business page, getting traffic is now harder without being it less important than before.

Paying for Facebook advertising is what could save you, unless your budget is low. The space for Ads is fixed and advertisers are growing together with the amount of companies that understand the importance of Facebook, this means the cost for visibility is growing too. 
This trend is going to cut out small business from getting known on Facebook, unless they make some adjustments. 
Since the last change of the algorithm the post reach of Pages went down 39% in August from July (source: Locowise), it’s a big time change.

Yeah, damn you.

In the next Medium post I’ll discuss a few work-arounds that you need to consider if you run a small business.