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Functional programming is all the hype now, getting out of academic land and powering big companies that addresses complex problems. You can do functional with object oriented languages, like C#, or even with multi paradigm languages like Javascript, but there are some languages that address the functional paradigm by design, like Clojure.

For shocking purposes, I’m going to show a piece of Clojure code. You are probably going to think it’s esoteric and hard to reason about, but I promise you will undertand its awesomeness by the end of this article:

Typical Clojure code that is awesome

Still here? Guess you challenged yourself to get out of your confort zone! This article is going to show you the minimal theory and language constructs that you need to know to start writing simple Clojure programs, and how to (not even) setup your environement to start playing. Finally, I’m going to share some resources if you feel like deep diving. …


Marco Nicolodi

Software Engineer @ Nubank

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