Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: How to Find & Beat the Dragon Priest

Marco Nixon
Mar 26 · 4 min read

In the RPG category of games, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is one of the top-rated game of all time. There are several ultimate challenges available, and one of them is Dragon Priests. Every Priest Dragon located to a different location. To complete the challenge of Dragon Priest, you need to find them first, and then you can defeat them in the process. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is available in Play Station 4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Play Station 3. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is full of quests rewards, great locations of the map, and many more things in its storyline.

Source: Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: How to Find & Beat the Dragon Priest

About Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, you can explore several great things and one that is, and it does not have glitches. It’s very often that someday you experience a glitch in the game. There are various secret enemies also available, however, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim itself provide challenges to defeat those monsters. If you don’t know the exact location of the entire Dragon Priests and have no idea of defeating them, then here is the guide that will help you find them and win from them.

Find and Defeat Entire 8 Dragon Priest in the Skyrim

Hevnoraak — In Valthume, you can find dragon priests and a final boss waiting for you in the quest. Unlike any other dragon, it has a mask on his face that prevents it from poison. It is capable of constructing a giant wall of lightning to bring effective shock resistance. To defeat the final boss, you need to be patience because your attacks will not affect it when it continues using magic to defend. So wait for its magic to over and then take full charge of attacking him. You can have his mask to prevent poison if you defeat him.

Krosis -At the cliff top of dragon lair, which is at Shearpoint, there a Dragon Priest can be found. If you don’t want to die soon, then you have to avoid its attacks of ice magic and fireball from its magical staff. To defeat this boss, you need to make your moves right, although you should use Fus Ro Dah to blast him off from the mountain. You can obtain a Krosis mask by defeating him.

Morokei — It’s third Dragon Priest that found at the Labyrinthian. Morokei walks slowly, and that is why aiming to attack at him can be easy for you. You need to move to a higher mountain to make a bow attack on him. You can hide behind the pillars, block the attacks, and earn the mask of Morokei after defeating it.

Nahkriin — You can find him at the defending Aludin’s portal. For defeating him, you can fire on him, but you need to keep your stamina as well. If you are able to defeat him, so you can obtain the key to the portal and his Nahkriin mask. You need to keep moving around him to avoid damage.

Otar The Mad — In the Nordic Ruin of Place Ragnvald, you can find your another Dragon Priest to defeat. Before the battle with him, you need to defeat his two keepers and then he will show himself in the battle. Keep your distance with him and shoot with the arrows for defeating him. Otar The Mad mask will be yours if you defeat him.

Rahgot — At the time of Dragon Cult, the challenge in the southern ruin from Forelhost will give you your Dragon Priest to defeat. Bring magic resistance before reaching out to him and keep blessing stone with you to deal 50% more damage than usual. After defeating him, the mask of Rahgot will be yours.

Vokun — He is Located at High Gate Ruins at the time of A Scroll, which is for Anska quest. The best thing you can do to defeat him is that you can make the team with AI, and then it will help you defeat the boss. Your AI partner will make things easy for you to defeat him, and then you can be rewarded by his mask of Vokun.

Volsung — this one final priest will be the outer side of Volskygge at the northwest Skyrim. After you reach him, keep housecarl with you, and it will make things easy for you to win. Keep healing housecarl so she can attack with bow. You will be rewarded by the mask of Volsung after win from it.

All these Dragon Priests were servants of dragons of Skyrim. While playing, you will experience these Dragon Priests are the toughest enemies in the game and are what makes it interesting at the same time. It’s hard to hit them, and once they are defeated, they will convert in ash. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a highly rewarded game with addictive gameplay and challenges. All these things make Elder Scrolls V Skyrim one of the perfect RPG game.

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