There is one thing everyone could easily do to contribute to a lower energy and water consumption and improve his or her health at the same time!


It is very easy to do and involves something you are probably doing every day already.

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Yes, it is about taking showers.

From now on just take cold showers! It is as easy as that!

The cold water will improve your health and help to save the environment in two different ways:

As you shower cold, you will spend a lot less time in the shower and therefore save a lot of water. And as the cold water needs not to be heated beforehand you are saving a ton of energy also!

If you think about it, it is almost a no brainer to do!

So why don’t you start today?

positive — negative — honest or “to care enough to be asshole”

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Me at work.

At the present time, being a “trainer/coach with aspiration” has become a very difficult profession. Everyone on the clients side wants to be praised constantly and basically for everything and on top would like to achieve the best possible results with almost no effort.
But as one says so beautifully in Bavaria: “Ned g’schimpft is g’lobt g’nua”. For all the non-Bavarians: If you do not get scolded, that’s praise enough.

As a coach, you have the duty to be unpopular from time to time. It is our job to say things that are not pleasant, but effective. If the technique or effort of your trainee was not optimal, then the feedback has to be appropriate. …

…or just anything — and why you don’t reach your goals.

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© CrossFit eo

Today, my topic is a very worrying trend of our time:

Leaving all your options open for as long as possible.

As the owner of CrossFit eo in lovely Munich I can assure you, we have been suffering from this trend extremely hard for about one and a half years now. In the past, our classes were booked up over two weeks in advance, and today most of our clients book their classes for the evening during the same afternoon. Some people even book their training sessions when they are already in the gym!

The mere fact that this makes it almost impossible for a small business like us to plan and design a timetable adapted to the needs of our members is just side note here. …


Marco Petrik

Owner & Head Coach of CrossFit eo, Autor & still Soulmate of my late dog Apollo. Trying to run a sustainable CrossFit Box.

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