positive — negative — honest or “to care enough to be asshole”

Me at work.

At the present time, being a “trainer/coach with aspiration” has become a very difficult profession. Everyone on the clients side wants to be praised constantly and basically for everything and on top would like to achieve the best…

…or just anything — and why you don’t reach your goals.

© CrossFit eo

Today, my topic is a very worrying trend of our time:

Leaving all your options open for as long as possible.

As the owner of CrossFit eo in lovely Munich I can assure you, we have been suffering from this trend extremely hard for about one and a half years now. In the past, our classes were booked up over…

Marco Petrik

Owner & Head Coach of CrossFit eo, Autor & still Soulmate of my late dog Apollo. Trying to run a sustainable CrossFit Box. https://crossfit-eo.de

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