Introducing Assembly: Bring all of Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Under One Roof

Here’s a statistic I read earlier this year: Over 80% of marketers will capitalize on the power of influencer marketing in 2017. Many still can’t calculate their influencer campaigns’ return on investment.

The idea that so much money is being spent without clear metrics or correlation between likes, engagement, and transactions didn’t sit well with us.

We’ve had experience working with influencers on advertising campaigns and product launches.

We identified that with influencer budgets growing exponentially, giving marketers a way to regain control of their spend is critical to creating a marketplace that can transition Influencer Marketing from a buzzword to a vibrant and thriving economy. So, my team and I at Redbrick built Assembly.

“When you pull back and take a look at all these different stats…it starts to paint a very clear picture that today’s influencers are some of the most valuable, and also viable media channels out there.” — Nicolas Cole, “In 2017 Influencer Marketing is About to Go Through the Roof,” Inc., December, 2016.

You Visit a Marketplace to Find Influencers; You Use Assembly to Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketplaces are great if you need to find talent in a hurry. But a marketplace just introduces you to one part of the influencer marketing puzzle. Once you find an influencer to help promote your brand, what comes next?

Working with our PR team and media buyers, I knew that managing influencers and tracking the returns on influencer campaigns provided some unique challenges. I was sure this was a challenge for many other digital marketers too. So, we began to investigate what was missing from the influencer marketing process.

We studied our media platforms. We spoke to our partners. And we asked digital marketing agencies about what they wanted, and what they needed.

The common trend? Every person we spoke with wanted one thing: the ability to drill down on each influencer and report on hard and fast stats, without the hassle of going back and forth between multiple complex spreadsheets. They wanted to be able to work with their influencers in a more streamlined, and efficient way — from content approvals to payment, and everything in between.

We’ve found that very few agencies or brands have anyone on their team working exclusively with influencers. They aren’t investing in building relationships or comprehensive planning. Influencer campaigns are becoming more important but the key is to think long term and build a strong relationship with your influencer partners. They are your brand voice and building that relationship is what will help you build long term value.

Influencer marketing, while becoming more and more important, is still an afterthought when it comes to marketing management. The information that marketers need to assign a value to influencer marketing just isn’t there.

“The ROI issue has plagued marketers for years.” — Michael A. Stelzner, 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Social Media Examiner, May, 2017.

The solution is control.

We all want a system that allows us to control our influencer marketing campaigns with the same precision as our other marketing efforts. We need a system to manage campaigns and analyze results. We knew that with Redbrick’s deep bench of analytics and reporting expertise, we could build it.

When we set out to build Assembly, we also knew that the importance of influencer marketing would continue to grow. We needed to think big and ask tough questions. Our goal was to create a robust platform that could meet the changing demands of influencer marketing professionals. We created a tracking system capable of handling 100,000 clicks in a single minute.

“We have a hard time sometimes because we work in the rapidly changing world of social media analytics.” — Survey respondent, State of Inbound 2017, HubSpot, May, 2017.

Ensuring that our proprietary tracking system could handle what influencer marketers would throw at it was a challenge, and we wanted to get it right. We created Assembly to be the standard-bearer for influencer marketing management platforms.

We’ve seen the impact that influencer marketing has on brands. A great example is the makeup subscription service, Ipsy who utilize a team of 10,000 beauty influencers to drive sales. We knew that companies use influencers to drive traffic. And we know that content marketing — and influencer marketing in particular — form the foundation for the current wave of marketing innovation.

“The increased M&A activity in the digital marketing space could be attributed to the huge growth expected in this space…spending in the US digital marketing space is expected to increase from $57.29 billion to $103.4 billion by 2019.” — Anne Shields, “Will M&A Continue to Dominate the Cloud Space in 2017?”, Market Realist, April, 2017.

With Assembly, we can help others harness the true power of influencer marketing, and answer the demand for streamlined management, and better reporting.

Assembly will be the technology stack to power networks, agencies, and brands forward when they are working closely with influencers. Whether you collaborate with a single influencer or two hundred influencers, Assembly can track and analyze performance and ROI, to a T. Assembly is committed to being your one-stop CRM and media platform, to nourish and grow influencer relationships into long-term success.

I’m proud of Assembly’s experienced team of developers, and our in-depth understanding of marketing, tracking, and analytics. I think what we have created is remarkable, and I hope that we can help you grow and optimize your campaigns with us.

Contact us, and I’ll be happy to take you out for a test drive; I can’t wait to show you what Assembly can do!

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