Science Fiction Spurred by Covid-19

A brief exercise

“Urban portal” — inspired by “2001” — Photo by Marco Polli
“Urban portal” — inspired by “2001” — Inst: @marcofabiopolli
  • 100% automation plus minimum income. Human bodies can contract viruses; human brains can contract memes and fake news. For all that, let’s the machines do the physical work and the calculus; as long as the high productivity achieved by this sustains the basic income for us.
  • Full virtual and augmented reality. Depending on moving your body through contagious places in an attempt to have good experiences, it’s, all in all, an obsolete idea. Give me the beautiful Italy in my bedroom.
  • Uploading our minds in non-organic supports. From bat, cows, birds, viruses find a home in our poor cells. Until now: why don’t we get rid of this mortal organic platform? We are never happy with the look of it in the first place! Perhaps, with our artificial bodies, we could meet in real Italy for once.



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Marco Polli

Innovation Analyst from Brazil, Ph.D. in Science Technology Policy.