How to play POB Lottery in MarcoPay?

MarcoPolo Protocol
Jan 6 · 3 min read

Deposit MAP to POB Lottery can get higher yields. You will get up to 8845.20% as APR reward.(based on the profits of 2020/01/06 Weekly Lucky Draw)

Download MarcoPay:

  1. Join POB

Open <MarcoPay> APP and Click <Discovery>,then click the DApp <POB>

2. Deposit

Click <Asset>, then select the option MAP or POBC to deposit. Enter the amount of MAP or POBC you want to deposit, Click <Top Up>

3. Exchange the ticket

You can choose the Daily ticket or weekly ticket to exchange, choose your ticket type and enter your ticket amount, Click <exchange now>. Each 200 MAP or POBC can exchange for 1 ticket.

4. Play lucky draw

Click <Home> to see the total prize pool number, the total number of participants in the event, and the total number of participants today.

Click <Daily Lucky Draw> or <Weekly Lucky Draw> to play

select the number of “winning numbers” you want to generate and click “Draw Number” to generate the winning code.

5. Winning situation

You can check the winning situation in <My lottery history>.

POB will announce the lucky mantissa of the daily prize on the following day and the lucky mantissa of the weekly prize on the following Monday. You can check the announcement to see if you have won a lucky or participation award. You can also check your winnings on the Lucky Draw History page.

The bonus is frozen at the beginning. Whenever the user participates in the daily bonus, 20% of the original bonus will be released, and each bonus will be distributed in 5 times. You can click “Claim” to withdraw the released rewards at any time.

【About MarcoPolo Protocol】

MarcoPolo Protocol is a new type of peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It aims at building a service infrastructure that provides interoperability and scalability for all public chains.

MarcoPolo Protocol adopts multi-chain resource sharing technology so that the TPS would increase immensely. Therefore, the main network of MarcoPolo protocol not only provides a more secure and user-friendly economic system but also has the potential to operate on a larger scale.

MarcoPolo Protocol is generously invested by SoftBank, one of the world's most famous investment banks. Therefore, MarcoPolo has been growing steadily in advancing its technology and expanding its influence around the world.

Moreover, it can be frequently encountered in daily life scenarios. It will soon realize offline payments in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East by its own token called MAP and other digital currencies as well. The market demand for MAP will be increased continuously in the near future.

MarcoPolo Protocol

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a new peer-to-peer cash system

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