Nuggets of insight from 2018 that improved the quality of life

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Lesson one: Feel your own feels

Looking back at my breakthroughs in 2018, the source of inspiration often came from honest self-inquiry. Like most people in this world, I hate facing my feelings; especially when they do not feel good. However, living in avoidance rarely led to any progress so I decided to tune into my feelings and feel the feedback it’s trying to send. After a period of consistent self-inquiry, I found out what I truly want out of life which led me to show up as a more authentic version of myself. …

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There are two more weeks until 2019. It’s crazy how fast time past by. Personally, I like ending the year with closure and start the new year with a bang. So the other night I tried some reflecting and visioning exercises and was surprised at how useful it was. I came out of it with more clarity, motivation, and appreciation. So here today to share my process with anyone who’s looking to achieve something the same.

Things you’ll need

  • A blank piece of paper (preferably a journal)
  • Pen
  • Quiet space
  • 30 minutes of me-time

What are we doing here?

The essence of what we are trying to do here is to create space to allow ourselves to mindfully reflect on 2018 and prep for the new year. …

I am an emotional guy. I can feel motivated AF one moment believing that I can change the world and 15 minutes later, I can feel depressed AF and pondering why even bother to live.

I hate being so unstable and that’s why I put some self-development work to solve this issue of mine. I have found some success and today I want to share some tips with anyone who’s going through the same problem.

Step One: Know your activities

Everyone has their own unique psychology. …


Marco Preston Chak

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