This is the last post of the “Programming a Kubernetes Extension API Server” series. In this post all the manifest files that will be used to deploy the Extension API Server inside a cluster will be given. As an example, we’re going to deploy it inside a minikube cluster and…

This is the second part of the Programming a Kubernetes Extension API Server series. Here we are going to continue writing the code started in part one.

Admission Plugin

From now on we will focus our attention on the admission process and the registries for our API resources.

After the resources are…


In some situations you may want to use a Custom Resource Definition to add new resources to your system or add new functionalities to kubernetes to better fit your needs through custom controllers. …

Eae Pessoal, belê? Hoje vou apresentar para vocês o Fastify que é conhecido por ser o web framework mais rápido do NodeJS no momento.

Vamos fazer isso criando um servidor simples capaz de suportar requisições REST e GraphQL.

Mas o que é o Fastify?

Fastify é um web frameword para NodeJS que está se popularizando cada…

Marcos Vinicius Moreira Santos

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