Spanish lessons near me?

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2 min readSep 15, 2022

What’s the best way to learn a language? Immersion right? Well I’ve been in Spain for six years, and my Spanish is still rubbish. The key is effort; sadly, I haven’t made much effort to learn the language. That’s where a Spanish teacher comes in. I have tried to pick up Spanish naturally, but I’ve concluded that I need to look for Spanish lessons near me.

Why do babies learn to speak? Because they want to communicate, right? It’s the same with us adults; we need to have the desire to communicate in the language we’re trying to learn. So if we have this desire to communicate, we will put more effort into it.

I realise I’ve fallen into the trap that many ex-pats in Spain have. Most of my friends are English speaking, and the few Spanish friends I have, want to speak English to practice. I can get by where I live speaking Spanglish because it’s a tourist area.

Online Spanish Lessons

However, I was sitting by our communal pool the other day with my son, and some elderly Spanish women started to talk with me. I could understand most of what they said, but I couldn’t really respond properly. A German woman who was also talking with me asked how long I’d been here, and I felt ashamed to say 6 years. She has been living in Spain for the same amount of time and can have a good conversation with the locals.

I asked how she had learned, and she told me she had some Spanish friends, but her real progress came when she took Online Spanish Classes. She had taken classes with Habla Spanish Language Institute online during the pandemic. She intended to stop the online Spanish classes when the pandemic passed and attend face-to-face Spanish classes.

She explained that even after the lockdown had finished and things had gotten back to ‘normal’, she still preferred online Spanish lessons. I asked why and she told me that they were more convenient. No travelling to the school or teacher’s house. No wasted time or expense; just open Skype and start the Spanish lesson.

She inspired me to start lessons, so I started looking for Spanish lessons near me. After checking out a few Spanish language schools, I decided to contact Habla Spanish Language Institute. A few days later, I was attending an online Spanish group class. My teacher Inma was great, really relaxed and patient. The rest of the class was a great laugh too, and I feel like I learned a lot within a short period.

So, if you want to learn Spanish and are fed up with speaking Spanglish, give Habla Spanish Language Institute a call today. I thoroughly recommend them.



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