The power of a sincere smile

It doesn’t cost anything, but creates a lot. It’s a key to unlock both personal and business relationships. It can’t be bought, lost, borrow or stolen, because it’s something doesn’t benefit a person unless it’s brought spontaneously and free.

Actions usually say more than words, and a smile says “I like you, I’m really glad to see you”.

If you’re interested in giving someone a good first impression, just forget fancy clothes and expensive stuff. In stead, wear a sincere, natural smile, and take for guaranteed things will be a lot easier for you.

A fake smile? Please, no. You won’t fool anybody, and you may cause the opposite effect. To understand this, simply ask yourself this question:

Did you ever notice that the smile of a baby could make almost every living person smile back? That’s because of it’s sense of sincerity. The smile of a baby is naturally pure, and lacks of falsehood and interests.

“Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over.” Walter Anderson

You don’t think you have any reason to smile? It’s OK. Just pretend you have one. Whistle, hum or sing. Act like you’re happy and that will contribute to make you happy. The logic says that the action follows the feeling, but actually the action and the feeling go together hand in hand, and if we manage to control the action, as consequence, we will be able to control the feeling too (though it may not be as easy as it sounds).

If after this brief reading you’ve decided to adopt the act of smiling with sincerity as a daily habit, I GUARANTEE that you’re standing now a little step above from where you were before on what concerns to human relationships.