Enjoy today

Original photo by Shahzin Shajid

It’s the best gift we can get.

It’s good to be excited for tomorrow. To await a certain date in which something thrilling is supposed to happen. To count the days until we see someone special or we take that trip we’ve been wanting to take for a while. Or even get that job / house we’ve been looking for for years.

Still, we have to remember to appreciate today. Every day we get is a gift.

It’s great to have goals and aspirations (in fact, we should have them), but we can’t wait until we accomplish them to enjoy life. Lasting happiness doesn’t come from the outside. The happiness we get from the outside, be it from a new job, a new car or any other material possession, is temporary. It’ll come and go. And when it leaves us we’ll try to get it back by getting something better and bigger than last time.

They key is to be able to create happiness from inside ourselves by enjoying each and every day we get. Every day is a blessing. Even if the professional or financial parts of our lives (or any part really) isn’t as good as we’d like, if we look closely we’ll find that there are plenty of things we can be happy about.

Enjoy today, it’s the most valuable gift we can get.

Anyway, these are some of my thoughts on the subject. What do you think? Let me know!

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