Original photo by Joanna Kosinska

Happiness is one of the few things that has a considerable impact on how good we feel our life is.

Happiness, or lack of, can also “tint” our view of the world. It can help us to focus on good or bad things and to exaggerate the goodness or badness of situations as well. If we’re happy we’re more likely to stay level headed in uncomfortable situations. If we’re not, we’re prone to snapping more frequently.

Being such an important thing, we should learn to not base our level of happiness on things outside of our control. We want to be completely responsible for our happiness, or at least as much as we possibly can. We can’t be happy all the time, but we have to do our best to be able to flip the switch when we need to.

If our happiness is based on situations we have no say over then we have no say over our happiness. Think about that for a second. How much of your happiness is dependent on outside things is how much of your happiness isn’t yours. If your happiness is based on the weather, how others treat you, how a sports team performs, etc. then you’ve given away your innate power to be happy.

Anyway, I’d seen a few things over the past months and tried to speak my mind (or write my mind?) here. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know :)

(I won’t be doing the comics I usually do for 2 weeks. I’m going to use the extra time to plan for next year and focus on some other stuff, BUT I will continue doing them after the break.)


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