Thoughts on: Being bad at it now to be good at it later

Original photo by Danielle MacInnes

We humans are particularly good at judging, we can usually tell when something is done well and when it’s done poorly. We sometimes find it funny when something is done badly.

It’s important to understand that we have to suck at something before we can be good. Otherwise, everybody would be great at everything. If we want to be good at something we have to be willing to go through a phase of being bad at said thing first. It also keeps us humble, which is never a bad thing.

Knowing that we’ll be bad before we’re great alleviates some pressure. We’re giving us a chance, because we won’t have unrealistic expectations. We’ll allow ourselves to grow through whatever we’re trying to master.

Even when we’re years into mastering any specific skill there are areas of it in which we could still be better. So allowing us to be bad at it can also allow ourselves to know what needs improving. Being conscious of our shortcomings will allow us to get better.

We can have this in mind next time we see someone’s work that is not that good. There’s a chance that person is still learning and trying to get good at it. So, let’s not discourage learning by mocking.

Be bad at it now, to be good at it later.

Anyway, these were some of my thoughts on the subject. What do you think?

The comic for this thought is here!


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