Thoughts on: Letting go of what you can’t control

Original photo by Joseph Chan

The problem with trying to control many things is that we’re seeking comfort. We don’t grow in comfort. We need to be uncomfortable to grow. Comfort can lead to complacency, which in turn can lead to stagnation.

While I’m an advocate for being active in what you want to get from life, I feel that it’s important to recognize when to let things unfold on their own. Like many things in life, this is an art. We have to learn to identify when we’re trying to control things that are out of our reach. We should ask ourselves: “Am I trying to control this situation because it’s bad or because it’s uncomfortable?” Bad and uncomfortable are two very different things.

Letting things unfold on their own can bring us new challenges that once we overcome could open new doors. Growing might not feel good while it’s happening, but it’s great once it’s done. It’s sort of like a software update for ourselves.

Situations that are uncomfortable can be a blessing if we let them unfold on their own and relinquish control. They can make us grow.

Anyway, I’d been thinking about some advantages of letting things we can’t control go. What is your opinion on this? Let me know!

The comic for this thought is here!


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