Understanding basic human nature, I guess…

Original photo by Jassim Vailoces

We don’t need to know what others are feeling in order to know that we’re all human and we all deal with difficult things. While it certainly does help knowing what the other is going through, it isn’t a necessary element for compassion.

None of us are perfect, we’re far from it really (although this shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not getting better). Sometimes we go through things that are difficult but that we “should” be able to deal with nonetheless. Still, sometimes it’s hard to deal with said things and a little help from someone else can be greatly appreciated.

The point is not to promote laziness or the inability to function as a human being. It’s not to avoid any and every difficulty that comes our way. The point is to be aware that sometimes a little compassion can do more than tough love. We should grow, but taking breaks once in a while isn’t bad. I would say that it’s actually good.

We’re all imperfect. It’s OK if we can’t deal with every difficulty that comes our way.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on this. What do are yours? Let me know!


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