The Surprisingly Technical Process of Designing a Tabletop Game
Asher Stephenson

This is very nice! I enjoyed it a LOT, I’m a huge fan of RPGs. There are other systems worth of analysis where the complexities go to another level. For example, in World Of Darkness there are several “flavors” or “splats” to play with. Each one with its own set of rule. The interesting part is how the authors and the players mix up different splats.

In Shadowrun the flexibility in character creation leads to a weird combination of average abilities with very specific skills and set of rules that almost feels like several games into one and the equipment almost play the center role.

Other have very funny things to play and interact: 7th sea have “dramatic dice”, World of Darkness rewards experience by a very small factor during game that you can exchange for more dice in your pool, In weapons of the gods you can enhance your chance of success by playing the backstory of your character, sometime even in flashbacks during your game like a tarantino movie.

I hope you have a second part hidden in your head ;)

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