In my experience, creating guiding principles during the initial stage of the design process has been one of the most helpful foundational steps in every successful design project.

Guiding principles align vision, brand, and all teams. They should be created in collaboration with internal stakeholders; the resulting principles will be visible in every touch point of the finished product experience. The principles will also be used by the design team to manage and drive creative direction throughout the design process.

Having a company-wide set of guiding design principles in place saves money through the time saved on the traditional back…

I recently asked myself the question “Since my thought that wealth was the end goal (my mental model for a very long time) was severely flawed is it possible that my current view that knowledge and application of that knowledge being the end goal are flawed as well”?

I ask this question because although my constant need to learn, read and understand drives me, It’s impossible to get the satisfaction without neglecting what’s in front of me (friends, family, loved ones, the joys of the moment). Very similar to wealth, knowledge is also infinite an insatiable goal. …

Marcos T. Moralez

Emmy Award Winning Product Designer (UX, UI, XD, ID) with over 18 yrs of exp. Startup/Design Advisor. Ex-Amazonian. San Francisco, CA

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