End Goals — Helping others > Knowledge > Wealth

I recently asked myself the question “Since my thought that wealth was the end goal (my mental model for a very long time) was severely flawed is it possible that my current view that knowledge and application of that knowledge being the end goal are flawed as well”?

I ask this question because although my constant need to learn, read and understand drives me, It’s impossible to get the satisfaction without neglecting what’s in front of me (friends, family, loved ones, the joys of the moment). Very similar to wealth, knowledge is also infinite an insatiable goal. There isn’t enough time in 5 lifetimes to learn everything I’d like to and make the impact I want before I live this world.

I came to the conclusion that it is flawed when I was reminded of a quote someone read to me not too long ago. “The only life worth living is one for others.” I can’t learn/read/understand everything, but I can use my skill set of creative thinking along with the knowledge I’ve attained so far to help others.

My goal for 2017 is to make a profound impact on all that seek my help. The joy that will fill my heart with satisfaction is unlike money or knowledge for two reasons. The first is the joy of seeing others I’ve helped succeed only multiples as time passes and can never be less than what it is at that moment. The second reason is that it lives within me I can take this every, and anywhere I go. It doesn’t require my nose in a book, my bank account to be above a certain number, be doing research all the time, or playing catch up on projects when I get back from vacation. I will be free to enjoy life to the fullest extent, live in the moment which is what actually matters.

To sum it up, when your happiness or satisfaction is tied to an insatiable goal it is also bound by its limitations.

End Goals — Helping others > Knowledge > Wealth

Who Am I?

I spent the first part of my life chasing wealth (Entrepreneur / Product Designer / Builder), the second part chasing knowledge (Theoretical and Experimental Sciences / Philosophy / Researcher) and now my goal moving forward is to help others attain success in their life, in any way I can. The impact is greater than the one I can make alone.

Therefore I write, I mentor, I lecture and enjoy connecting with like minded individuals for great conversations on a ridiculously wide range of topics. Sharing the wealth of knowledge and research I’ve previously hoarded to myself. If my research sparks an idea in someone who is then able to make a large positive impact in this world, it’s worth it even if it isn’t my name that is glorified because of it. That’s not the goal anymore.

Trying to live every second in the moment. Happiness is a state of mind. The only life truly worth living is one for others.

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