Time to Play with Moby

One of the biggest announcements in DockerCon US 2017 was the Moby project, an open framework to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel. Moby provides a library of components, a framework for assembling them into custom container-based systems and a place for all container enthusiasts to experiment and exchange ideas. To better understand the origin and purpose of Moby I’d recommend watching the following the following video which explains in detail the motivation behind it and the different pieces involved in the ecosystem.

There’s one specific project which lies in the heart of Moby which is Linuxkit, a toolkit for building secure, portable and lean operating systems for containers. LinuxKit includes the tooling to allow building custom Linux subsystems that only include exactly the components the runtime platform requires. All system services are containers that can be replaced, and everything that is not required can be removed. All components can be substituted with ones that match specific needs. It is a kit, very much in the Docker philosophy of batteries included but swappable. In order to build your custom OS image a yaml configuration file is used that wires the different components and specifies what will be executed at boot time. You can check the complete configuration reference HERE.

As part of this blogpost we’d like to take the opportunity to announce a new way to get started with Moby, specifically linuxkit (for the moment) and allow the community to build, run and share their custom OSs by using just a web interface. Visit http://play-with-moby.com/ and build your first OS in seconds!. Here’s a screenshot so you can see how the interface looks like:

Give it a spin and please share your feedback so we continue improving the experience.

The PWD / PWM team.