When thinking about developing a digital fundraising strategy for your startup and outreaching to foreign investors, make sure you consider how a marketplace could take it to the next level.

fundraising marketplace
fundraising marketplace
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The world’s 6 most valuable companies by market cap (Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook) and 70% of the 1B$ unicorn startups (Didi, Airbnb, Uber) operate digital marketplaces that match buyers & sellers, and gain enormous market share from network effects. Yet, only 3% of established companies have adopted an active marketplace strategy today. The figure is even lower in the finance and fundraising industry, despite the fact that for instance stock exchanges have operated a marketplace model for over a century.

Any form of intermediation (travel agents, taxi dispatchers, retailers​) has already been or will likely be replaced by…

Could the current and accelerating trend of remote work resolve some of the most urgent regional development issues in the world?

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As the number of covid19 cases continues to escalate globally, one real consequence has been the dramatic rise in remote working. In fighting the pandemic, governments across the globe are urging “employees at all work sites … to work remotely whenever and wherever possible” while managers are trying to establish effective work norms as the new normal takes a foothold.

Remote work bringing prosperity to smaller cities

Work really hasn’t changed, or been challenged, since the industrial revolution when people were going to work at the…

Digital Solutions for the Self-Employed in the Gig Economy

This is an abstract of a presentation I’ve delivered at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on August 9, 2019 in Helsinki.

You can view the full deck here below.

What is WorkerTech?

Digital service offerings that harness technology to provide the self-employed with personalized benefits and greater access to protections and rights.

They combine the flexibility of self-employment with the perks traditionally associated with salaried employees.

Learn more by following the Twitter hashtags: #WorkerTech #JobTech

Learn how to design, launch, monetize and compete in a networked economy.

Tickets >> https://platform-masterclass-oslo.eventbrite.com

Platforms have been transforming entire sectors of the economy, marginalizing incumbents and enabling small startups to rise rapidly to global dominance. Many of the world’s most valuable companies are platforms. 70% of the world’s top 10 companies by market capitalization (Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft, Facebook et al) and 70% of the $1 billion+ unicorn startups (Didi, Airbnb, Uber et al) operate open ecosystems that match buyers and sellers, gain enormous value and market share from network effects, and harness their users to innovate.

But even your local health…

Some reflections on how freelancing is changing the way we work, and what problems still need to be solved.

Read the results of the survey here

Freelancers are an important, but somehow hidden, part of the small business population, and one that is largely miscalculated and misunderstood.

The results of the first ever European Freelancers Survey by Malt and European Forum of Independent Professionals offer a sophisticated perspective of the freelance workforce in Europe. The report supports the view that, as Laetitia Vitaud put it …

“Freelancers are challenging the definition of work that we inherited from the industrial age”.

These findings serve as a compass to better understand freelancers’ experiences, the hurdles they face and the improvements they demand.

Megatrends in The Future of Work

Freelancing isn’t new, but the rapid…

Reviewing the most common revenue generation and monetization strategies of digital platforms

The Uber business model, originally sketched on a napkin in a restaurant by Travis Kalanick (Founder), while he was waiting for a taxi.

Platforms are hot these days and all over people’s mouths.

It’s clear to everyone that Amazon, Facebook, Uber and all the others above are extremely successful companies. What’s not clear to everyone is that they’re platform companies, what exactly a platform business model is and why it is so powerful.

Today I’ve chatted with Alex Wellman, Head of Marketing at e-Residency to understand the benefits for freelancers to apply for e-Residency.

Alex, can you explain what e-Residency is?

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID card that allows entrepreneurs to register an EU company fully online. Despite being the first country to offer this, in a way, it’s actually nothing new. Estonia is known as one of the most digital countries in the world and has been developing digital services for its citizens and residents for over 20 years. Starting in 2014 however, the country decided to make many of these digital services available to other people around the world by launching e-Residency. …

… and to visionary organisations using them

Helsinki Railway Station goes Kiss -Paul Stanley

One headline caught my attention a couple of weeks ago:

The New York City’s subway system has reported that, for the first time in 30 years, weekday growth was strongest outside of the traditional morning and evening rush hours.

The New York subway administrators were puzzled. They surveyed commuters and asked: aren’t you going to work any longer? Are subway tickets too expensive? Gasoline price went down?

No … the most common answer was: “I now have flexible arrangements at work— I go to the office when I want”.

So, what’s happening here?

People are ditching the conventional commute to…

Take part in this landmark research and make your voice heard at European level

Freelancers are an important, but hidden, part of the small business population, and one that sometimes is largely miscalculated and misunderstood.

Today, the European Forum of Independent Professionals is glad to announce a partnership with the leading European freelancers platform Malt in the European Freelancers Survey.

Take the European Freelancers Survey 2018: http://bit.ly/EFM-Survey18

Your answers will help us paint a comprehensive picture of the status of independent work across Europe and ensure the freelance community’s voice is heard.

Answers will be anonymously compiled in a report to be published online during European Freelancers Week in October 2018.

Why Surveying Freelancers

While assessment of the value made by employees to the…

Calling out #EFWeek sponsors

The third edition of #EFWeek will take place from October 12 to 21, 2018 all across Europe

European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) is an annual series of independent events held under a common branding in different European countries. It is the world’s largest festival celebrating independent work and helping millions of Europeans discover the Freelance Economy.

The third edition of #EFWeek will take place from October 12 to 21, 2018 all across Europe. A total number of 65 (and counting) organisations have preregistered to organise events during #EFWeek. The official call for events submission will open on August 1.

The continued rise of independent work is driving organisations, large and small, to rethink the way how they connect…

Marco Torregrossa

CEO at Euro Freelancers | I help organisations create portfolios of digital business models leveraging the power of #marketplaces, #platforms and #gigeconomy

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