Happy 4th of July: Open Letter to Jeff Goodby, Amir Kassaei and Donald Trump.

Luca, my eight-year-0ld pictured above, is thrilled with our first Silver Lion at Cannes for Volvo dealers just nine months after opening our doors. He was thrilled and proud because it’s ours. Because he sees me every day working with people I love and respect, doing work we believe in and are deeply proud of. Most important he experiences the passion I have for what we do and as a result hopefully he will grow to find his passion and be forever free to pursue his own path to happiness.

To Jeff Goodby and Amir Kassaei I say, this time you have it all wrong. People do care about the real work that comes out of Cannes and kids can and should feel proud his dad or mom win a Lion in Promo and Activation. It shows them you don’t necessarily need to be a banker, consultant, lawyer, accountant or doctor to have a life worth living and be able to provide for your loved ones. You see, it’s not doomsday but rather a new beginning. It’s time to reinvent the business, transform it and be brave. For Jeff, a true entrepreneur, it might mean to blow shit up and create a new space again for Goodby just like what Bob Greenberg has done with R/GA or Fernando Vega Olmos with PicNic. For Amir it might mean to commit to his ideals, maybe quit his job and start an agency of his own. Everyone will respect and cheer for that.

Lead by example not by rhetoric and if you are still as passionate about advertising as you say you are then I have no doubt you will both see a new path emerge for advertising together with us. The entrepreneurs, who make things for others to follow. We Believers is a reflection of the freedom we celebrate today in a country that has always given immigrants the opportunity to change things for the better and exercise our right to pursue happiness. Time will tell how right or wrong we might be. We are, however, giving it our very best shot.

Happy 4th of July!!!

p.s. To Donald Trump and idiots like you. This Cannes Lion and 17 others won by US Hispanic agencies are for you. Hispanics bring Bronze, Silver & Gold to the U.S.

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