Thousands Of People Scammed On Trading Sites

Financial authorities are sending trading alerts to individuals and corporate as they are tracking down certain websites that offer to make a lot of money in a very short time — scams have already cost millions to those who risked it. “How you can get rich quickly?” A user might wonder. “You just have to become a trader, you can even invest from your home,” another user replies, “I won 2500 rupees last week.” This is the first step of a well-run scam.

The technique is always the same — the internet user, baited by a promise of consequent gains over a short period, goes to a website offering different investments. A local telephone number is provided in order to get more information. Someone who presents himself as an advisor and speaks impeccable the same accent suggests to his interlocutor an online training to learn to master the strings of the exchange or a safe investment.

The trap is in place, the swindler has only to wait until his victim put all or part of his savings to recover the stake. Most trades are practiced by telephone on the instructions of the coach, which prompts you to new payments to redo you and compensate the losses that arrive quickly.