A State of Cloud #048 — Steve Jobs about Cloud Computing

Every once in awhile some lost footage of Steve Jobs keynotes appear online(1955–2011) gave popping up online. https://youtu.be/fugF9xlJXCM

In hindsight everything is true and praise is due to the great leader and visionary. We are still witnessing the influence Steve Jobs had on Cloud Computing and the Internet in general, something only a special few can claim. Last year I had a vibrant discussion with an analyst from Gartner about the state of Cloud Computing in Europe and who the big players were. When I was asked to introduce myself to the analyst, I let them know that my interest in technology started with my exploration of the Minitel (sort of BBS) network of services. I was intrigued by the fact that via Jobs his Next company the Internet has become more into the public domain. This statement rang alarm bells for the analyst, assuming that I was claiming that Jobs invented the world wide web. I responded by letting them know that Tim Berners Lee used the Next to deploy its first web server that the world was able to connect to0. Showing how huge an influencer Steve Jobs has been and an initiator of the World Wide Web

Steve Jobs was not a nice man by any accounts.

OK, let’s just get this out of the way from the get-go. Steve Jobs was not a nice man by any accounts. The man, however, was directly or indirectly involved in revolutionizing anywhere between seven and nine multibillion dollar industries, depending who you ask. They include home computing, mobile, music, tablets, software distribution (apps), digital publishing, animated films (Pixar), online video, and retail shopping. (By: Hillel Fuld)

This can be common with those who are influencing multiple verticals and industries. Many company leaders prefer to imitate instead of becoming an inspiration to their employees but that’s another story.
Back to Steve and his Cloud Computing predictions. Success has many fathers and failure is always somebody else’s fault. So while Steve was predicting the use case for Cloud Computing we are sure that Steve wasn’t the first one he was inspired by others.

The above infographic is from IBM, who were the first company to address the Cloud Computing model. Even for IBM it took until 2013 with the acquisition of Softlayer to become a Cloud service providing company. 
Gartner’s (paid) standpoint is that AWS is the ruler of the current Cloud Computing kingdom. Followed closely by Microsoft.

Steve! Why aren’t you eating your own dog food?
In this current digital era we don’t see Apple as Cloud Computing company, but they have the capabilities to become one. It’s easier than they think. All users are already connected to the icloud environment. Apple is building massive headquarters and Data Centers around the globe. Apple has over 500 million device users, what if Apple was to connect all those devices together and bundle that with their Data Centers and provide it as ONE HUMAN CLOUD.
Maybe it’s on the roadmap for Apple. We don’t know. It would be a pretty big move from Apple. In fact this strategy is similar to the how Microsoft conquered the world with MS-DOS and later with Windows OS.

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