How to Share Music On Slack with

If you’re reading this I’m sure that you are likely well versed with Slack, the team communication platform that has basically redefined how team communication “should be done”.

Slack is great and not only because it makes working so much easier (we use it extensively at Obox), but it also makes communication not just for work teams possible but communities as well; an example being the official WordPress Slack team where anyone can join, or the an invite only team like the local ZA Tech channel which I’m part of.

A big part of Slack is sharing information, and as you may have guessed by the title of this post, sharing music :) Most Slack teams have a #music channel because, well, music rocks and tells a thousand words about a person. For some, it’s how they express themselves safely in a team environment.

Sharing music is fun, but in a team of 1,000+, how do you ensure that everyone who sees your track can access it in their favorite streaming network, be it Spotify, Apple Music, Rdio et al? That’s where the services of and Slack meet. allows users to share music without worrying if the recipients of said link have access to the same streaming service they are on. Think of it as a for music sharing, but with big colorful buttons on the result page linking to different music services.

Once I got the gist of how to get working smoothly I thought, “Hey, why not create Slack integration?” So I did, and this is how you can make music sharing in Slack really easy in “3 easy steps that’ll blow your mind and eardrums”.

The end goal is to have a Slash Command such as this:
/musc Helios Yume

And end up with a direct link to that track on

Update: The flow has been drastically improved thanks to the new Add to Slack button, now you can follow the flow here to add Slack to your team.

Step 1.

Click on the following link:

Step 2.

Click “Register to Add Your Team”

Step 3.

Click “Add to Slack”

Click the “Add to Slack” button

Step 4.

Choose a team and verify that can post to your team, choosing a channel really does not have an affect ( will post to the channel that it receives the message from).

Step 5.

Start sharing. If all is working, when you type in “/music Helios Yume“, you should see something like this in the channel you’ve chosen to share to.

If that’s the case then well done, integration is great success.

[Bonus] Step 6.
Report bugs here, and keep in mind that we’re still in beta.

Happy Sharing!

Update: As of March 2017, sharing has been improved to include “Listen on …” links straight in Slack, which means less back and forth for your team! Read more about the new launch of 2.0 here:–0