How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

I experienced (and suffered) quite a similar phenomenon in France for about 25 years. “Ne pas se prendre la tête” have been an extremely fashionable sentence widely used to reject any kind of intellectual activity. 
Intellectuals hated that fashion and felt pity for non-intellectuals. Non-intellectuals hated those intellectuals and had no mercy at all.

This social war is not over yet. A very stupid war indeed. No war is clever. All loosing.

Some have been very patient and taught their kids. Some kids fight back in several fields now. 
A large and powerful army of idiots still believe that those kids are magically gifted geniuses. They can’t see the intellectual work. Not that it’s hidden, but they just don’t know what to look for. How could they imagine how thinking could be like. How could a brain turn itself on?

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