Don’t let Perfectionism kills your dreams

Are you a perfectionist ? Depending on your attitude toward it, it can be a bliss or a curse. It can lift your dreams…or sabotage all your ambitions.

Are you in control of it or does it controls you ?

Here are 5 tips to deal with it and not letting this jeopardize your projects, your aspirations…and your relationships !

- Good is good enough : deliver something wich is good enough. Otherwise you will kill your productivity. Don’t give extra focus to one particular task and neglecting the others at the risk not meeting the deadlines and all the stress coming with it ! :(

- Focus on the process not on the result or the outcome. Enjoy the process and the outcome will be outstanding ! You will also significantly reduce the stress ! :) And if you don’t enjoy the process then good news : you just identified something you don’t like. Meaning it is not worthing your precious time on this Earth ! Eventually making more room in your Life for things you ENJOY doing, leading to a better life :D

- Pay attention to the good things in your own work and the work of others. Focusing on the wrong parts will make you feel miserable and will kill your motivation and your creativity…not mentioning the impact on your relations with your coworkers or your relatives ! Focusing on the good will also put you in a positive mindset that will lead to better results :P

- See a solution in every mistake before getting mad about it. Again focus on the process and don’t be to fast to assume this mistake will jeopardize the entire result ! In all Human history great recipe and discovery were made from an initial mistake. Just to mention the Post-it Note…or the Pacemaker !

- And the last but not the least : FAILURE IS OK as long as you learn from it ! No failure → no grow, no learning right ?! It is the very natural process of any living creature on Earth. Preventing failure is also preventing grow and eventually success. This is BTW one of the curse of the High Achievers, who happened to be usually also perfectionists !

Like most of our traits Perfectionism can be a Gift, but it can also become a Curse if we don’t find a balance. Self evaluation and a good sense of our own personality is the key to make the most of it !

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