How to overcome Stress and Anxiety in period of change

Entering a period of change in our Life is always very exciting but also very Stressful. We usually put a lot of pressure on ourselves, especially when trying to reach Long Term goals

The management of Stress can become a key to success or failure. It can be the best needle to move forward and achieve your best, or the main reason of failure

Here are few tips, from my own experience, easy to reproduce. I come back to them as a routine every time I feel overwhelmed and losing the battle over Stress.

#1 Reach People

When we are taking a major step in Life we can be afraid to lose the attention of the ones we love. Especially when we are making big changes. Will our family and friends still support and Love us if we make drastic changes in our Life ? Our Dreams and projects seems so big. We don’t always feel comfortable to share them until they become real.

Thus we can have a tendency to step aside the World and drawn ourselves in work and “doing”

But it is difficult to succeed in any big project alone, we need the support of others. The key is to get support from positive persons, who will understand and support you.

Reach people, speak with your relatives, share your Dreams and projects with them. It might be surprising how supportive and helpful they might become ! Otherwise it is time for you to create a new community.

Surround yourself with people aligned with the Life you are trying to create now !

#2 Treat yourself

While you are trying to achieve something big you might put yourself second and focus on what needs to be done. Getting no rest until you reach your goals and delaying any gratification until then. It is a good thing to delay instant gratification in general, it is a good way to grow and progress.

But it is still very important to treat yourself with small gifts time to time. To keep your mood and motivation up, during the long journey towards your Dreams. You are your best asset, you should always invest in yourself first.

And you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself with a small gift. You deserve it anyway !

#3 Reconnect to the Now

Stress is usually caused by over-thinking and anticipating the Future. One of the best move is to get back to the present moment. Any activities that would help to slow down the Time and reconnect to the Now will be very helpful.

You can practice any form of exercise of activity you enjoy doing. Such as yoga, meditation, reading a good book, cooking healthy food, going out for a walk in the Nature, getting a massage, writing/journaling, etc.

As Buddhists say: “when you don’t have time to meditate 10 min, then meditate 20 min”. This is precisely when you think you don’t have for them that these activities are essential !

You are creating your future today. From what you are doing and thinking now. The present time should be the solid foundation of your future Life. Weak or unstable foundations will affect the entire construction on the long term. Better to take good care of yourself and enjoy your Life right now !

#4 …but keep the Big Picture in Mind

It is easy in period of change to get drawn in the details and forget the Big Picture. Try to step back time to time and reflect on what you are doing now and the reasons you are doing it. What are your ultimate goals in Life ? What are you trying to achieve at the end ?

A good way to remind it could be to keep a note somewhere. On your computer, phone, on the fridge, in your wallet, etc

So you can read it everyday and remind what your ultimate goals are.

This simple routine can help you to master Stress and make it an ally. Making you more focus on the way to your goals. Otherwise Stress might controls you and become your worst enemy

Remember that this is not the destination that matters, but the journey itself. Enjoy it !