Is Your Company Asking the Right Question About Marketing and Design?

Typically, when a new client comes to us, it’s because they want something like a website, brochure, or a social media campaign.

Quite often, however, when we discuss details, we find out that they are focusing all of their brainstorming and ideas in the wrong direction.

The big problem is that too many of them are thinking about the specific elements of their plan – in terms of logos, website, etc. (the medium) – and not nearly enough about what they actually have to offer customers (the message).

The Medium is not the Message.

This is about more than finding a unique selling proposition; it’s about thinking of the philosophy of your organization, and deciding what you really want to do, what you really have to offer, who it’s right for, and what your values are. Very frequently, when you have firm, tangible answers to those questions, everything else starts to fall into line very quickly.

Conversely, when ignoring these issues, all of your marketing is going to feel like a struggle with hardly any visible results. For one thing, buyers have no firm sense of what your business is about to latch onto (or come back to). And for another, it’s easy to find yourself drifting from one campaign or idea to another because you don’t have a core mission or target audience to use as an anchor.

In 1997, when a small company named Apple Computer launched a campaign, “Think different” (which was considered a shot at IBM’s ‘Think’ slogan), it started a revolution. “Think different” turned a struggling underdog into a global player and launched an unparalleled success story. All, because of a bold message featuring outstanding artists and thinkers, from John Lennon to Mahatma Gandhi, who all veered off a beaten path to become the icons as we all know them.

The best clients, and the most successful marketers, are the ones who understand where they are now and know exactly where they want to be. They have moved up the ladder from surviving to aspiring. Have you been asking the right questions about your marketing campaigns?

Marc Posch, Creative Director MPD/LA. Swiss born, German raised, LA based.

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