Asking Governor Brown to declare California a sanctuary state

[These are my notes for a call to Governor Jerry Brown’s office. If you are a California resident and agree, you can reach the Governor’s office at (916) 445–2841.]

Governor Brown, mayors and police chiefs of Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, Santa Fe, and other cities, as well as Governor Cuomo of New York State, have all affirmed, following Donald Trump’s election, that their cities and New York State will stand as sanctuaries for immigrants facing unjust deportation efforts. Newly-elected US Senator Kamala Harris has said that she will do all she can to protect California immigrants, which, as she notes, California has more of (documented and undocumented) than any other state.

I would ask the Governor to make a similar statement for all of California. Please look at Governor Cuomo’s outstanding statement and use it as a model. Consider the example of Denmark, which during World War II was able to use its economic power to fend off deportation of Jews for several years, resulting in 99% of Danish Jews surviving the Holocaust. What we face now may never be as dire as that, but the only way we can be proud of California’s actions now is to stand for those who are most vulnerable, who Donald Trump has targeted first, in his plan to deport “2 to 3 million immigrants” right away, which the ACLU has said is unconstitutional. Please stand for the protection of these California residents who need our help urgently.