Will the Apple car be overpriced?

You bet!

Recently a friend of mine and I were chatting after I posted this article on Facebook.

An electric car concept and UI for VW. https://dribbble.com/marcreisen
My friend; a Senior Designer from one of the Big Three companies in Detroit. That’s GM, Ford and Chrysler for the non Boys Club members. He writes;

“If Apple builds a car that has the reliability of their laptops you can expect to over spend and be underwhelmed, as well as left stranded on a regular basis. But it will have great user interface… I really hope the rumor of them buying Tesla is false (and I suspect it is).”

Why, yes. It will be expensive.

Its funny to me to hear Apple’s reliability come into question. Are there going to be bugs, certainly. Will their be updates? Absolutely. The truth is quality has improved across the board. Especially in the Big Three. But how expensive? And Why?

Let’s talk about why

I guess we would have to define “overspend” Apple has a perceived quality for sure, partly due to materials and processes as well as what the market will accept. Consumer products often fall into the “market adoption model” from innovators to early adopters (fanboys) onward to the “majority”. With a company valued at a trillion dollars. With little or no overhead. (can’t say the same for the Big Three) I am hoping we can suspect something great out of APPL. Speaking of Tesla and overpriced cars, you pay for the tech, and the continued R & D of tech. Being that the current price/lease of a Tesla will run you the same as an Aston Martin. Sure these cars will be overpriced. I believe the customer is entitled to a better, more integrated driving experience…and it will certainly be interesting to see what Apple has to offer.

IDEO and others have taken a stab at car design. From a product design perspective are great explorations and ideas. Transportation needs to move closer to service design, especially in urban and metropolitan areas. However, they look like moving “products”. Simple shapes that are familiar as hand helds, but somehow out of scale. The proposals lack the visceral qualities of dynamic products (ie. cars, motorcycles etc.) as well as the subtle surface quality that you find in italian sculpture. Hand formed sheet metal with impeccable surface quality. Sound familiar. It’s craftsmanship, it’s emotion, something we can expect from Apple.

Simon Sinek’s talk about being a leader.

As Apple continues to put together its dream team of designers. With Jonathan Ive at the helm. It’s exciting to come across articles like this. I am eager to see the model flipped on its head. Dealerships are changing, distribution is changing, manufacturing is changing…maybe its time someone else takes a stab at the automobile like Tesla did. If there is anything else we can expect from the Apple. We’ve come to expect quality, perfection and a wonderfully delightful experience.