In support of Rosy and Tessa regarding my boss, Jeff Boxer.
Chelsea Jane Crowell

Thank you, Chelsea Crowell, Rosy Nolan and Tessa Lena, for having had the courage to speak out, and the clearmindedness to resist c3 leadership’s legalistic claptrap about “internal investigation”.

I read your discriptions of Jeff Boxer’s behaviour with disgust, but not surprise.

As a founding c3 member and former president, I’m sorry to say that the “power games”…”lack of transparency”, and “devastating loss of talent, time, and productivity” you mention are consistent with my own experience under Jeff Boxer’s executive directorship, as were the attempts to isolate dissenting members (including both Tessa Lena and myself).

My own discomfort with what i witnessed led me to distance myself from c3 (I was later expelled for helping organize a local NYC non-c3 action in support of goals c3 theoretically shared.)

I didn’t voice my concerns publicly at the time out of respect for people of good will who chose to continue working with the organization — John McCrea, Tommy Manzi, Rosanne Cash, and others — and support for its basic mission of economic justice in the digital domain, which is still important and urgent.

Its a decision i now in many ways regret.

The above comparisons with my own experience are meant as affirmation of what Chelsea Crowell, Rosy Nolan and Tessa Lena have written: i don’t wish in any way to deny, relativize, or trivialize the particularly damaging effects of sexual harassment, or the particular violation of trust experienced by women who volunteered their time and energy expecting to be treated as sisters in the struggle, and wound up having to defend themselves from sleaze.

I want to thank Chelsea, Rosy, and Tessa for their choice to stand in solidarity with each other, and to resist the intimidating divide and conquer tactics they were subject to. That courage, that solidarity, THAT is what needs to be the cornerstone of an organization: not some phony tutorial cribbed from G’d knows where.

I trust the women.

I trust the working musicians.

We can fight for artists rights together without phony ‘experts’ and slick self perpetuating bureaucrats.

In solidarity, marc ribot