Shine – Track by Track Review

  1. Man Wale really makes that “sit back and relax while smoking a cigar and sipping Ciroc” music. I can smell the pear just listening to this.
  2. Every time Lil Wayne jumps on a track it reminds me how washed he is today, but circa 2007–2009 he was on another level entirely.
  3. Wale is that guy that name drops everybody but nobody ever name drops him.
  4. Wale ft. Major Lazer are u fucking kidding me?! Wtf is this?? 2017?! Low key it might be a banger though.
  5. Nah. Nope. No. Naw.
  6. Rapping about Foams in 2017 is something only a DMV rapper can fathom.
  7. This sounds like 5PM after you’ve been drinking sangria in the sun since 10AM. You feel me?
  8. I listened to this track 6 times and found nothing to say. That says plenty.
  9. Death, taxes, and Travis Scott sounding exactly like every other Travis Scott song.
  10. Wale got washed on his own track by a Nigerian MC…
  11. Automatic skip of any track ft Chris Brown. Fuck that dude.
  12. Who let this track get released?!
  13. Smfh
  14. Compared to the last few tracks this sounds like the greatest song of the decade.

I thought this was going to be a low-key banger after the first track. Man was I disappointed. 3.4/10

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