I tried the Chromebook route and it just didn’t work out for me.
Isabelle Saint-Pierre

Thank you for the insights Isabelle! 2 (two) things: I agree with you on the lack of photography tools for ChromeOS — there no competitive apps out there that address this workflow for nomadic photographers like us. Even though android apps can now run on chromebooks, professionally it’s still very limiting. At least there’s Snapseed which is my go-to app for quick photo-enhancements.

For now I’m content w/ linux apps via crouton for photos+video automatic cloud backups and graphics compositing.

Second: minimalism. USB type C to the rescue. My next purchase will definitely be something rugged-and-light that supports USB-C bi-directional charging. Hoping that I can get the most out of my solar charging kit (I use GoalZero).

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