AI… how to travel beyond the hype?

The buzzword Artificial Intelligence or its acronym AI are just… everywhere. But what do these exactly mean? Do they offer any tangible value in terms of better performance, increased ROI, optimization, reliability, trust?

Our team at byteLAKE was asked: give us the proofs! 
So we gave the proofs during the last meetup in Wrocław, Poland.

Here’s a short story about how we did that.

We took the buzzwords altogether with the surrounding hype onto the stage and explained how we actually used Artificial Intelligence to solve our clients’ real business problems. During the course of the projects we understood that

byteLAKE is actually a missing link between ideas, needs, challenges and solutions hidden in latest Machine Learning and Deep Learning powered technologies and relevant research works.

AI is a journey which we always start by taking a deep dive into our clients’ needs. Along the way we explain what’s possible and how technology can address them.

And we do it in steps:

  • 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 AI Workshop to explore needs and discuss ideas
  • 🤔👁 Proof of concept to demonstrate first tangible benefits: optimization, automation, increased reliability etc.
  • 🧠💪 Solution delivery done in Agile sprints, meaning you get results every 2 weeks

Few words about the case studies we presented:

👉 we helped our clients automate their documents processing by creating a software robot that can extract information from invoices and e-mails (benefits: workflow automation, human error elimination, increased reliability)

👉 then we automated the process of counting young trees in 4K pictures taken by drones (benefits: saving time, reducing costs, optimizing the process)

👉 we also talked about building a predictive maintenance system and how to apply machine learning to move from an incident driven, reactive operations to a data-driven proactive operations. Then we explained how these translate into greater value for customers in terms of performance, reliability and overall customer experience and trust.

Sounds interesting? Join our next exciting Workshop!

Marcin talking about RPA
Mariusz talking about Computer Vision and Automation
byteLAKE team presenting Federated Learning for IoT