Meet byteLAKE at EOIF and AI Meetup & see how AI RPA robots bring automation to enterprises

Marcin Rojek
Mar 27, 2019 · 3 min read

With all the hype and buzz around Machine Learning, Deep Learning and generally speaking Artificial Intelligence, we at byteLAKE believe it is important to demonstrate how we are overcoming some of the challenges with real solutions.

Therefore we would like to invite you to meet our team during the upcoming Gigacon’s conference about Enterprise Information Workflow & Management (March 28th, 2019 in Łódź, Poland).

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After that, we’ll join another great meetup in our home town Wrocław, Poland: Startup Wrocław: meetup #10 Artificial Inteligence (April 3rd, 2019).

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Join us there but if for some reason you cannot make it, ping us and we’ll organize a special online session just for you!

During the events, our team at byteLAKE and brainello will explain how we use various AI techniques to help our clients and partners bring automation across their enterprises. Whether it is a production line quality control automation, predictive maintenance related task or documents or e-mails processing related automation, we can help you understand:

  • what’s possible with the latest technologies
  • pick correct components and design your custom-made software robot
  • implement and deliver a complete solution in Agile fashion which basically means: you will see first results in < a month.

We’re not just building simple RPAs (Robotic Process Automation). We enhance them with AI, leverage on byteLAKE’s vast research work, expertise in programming, math, data science and deliver as Cognitive Services.

Our solutions can help you:

👉 analyze various types of data (text, image, video, time series IoT sensors data etc.) and answer questions like: why something happened? what will likely happen? what can I do to optimize energy, performance, …

👉 automate data analytics to find patterns, shapes, objects. Some of the cases we’ve been working on are about counting young trees in 4K images taken by drones to assess their survival rate, detecting and counting welds in production parts etc.

👉 automate various office tasks related to documents workflow, general processing and approvals processes. Think for instance about a software robot that could help you analyze all your e-mails and incoming documents, sort them and distribute to various workflows based on their contents, extract crucial information like dates, requests and eventually present summaries to you and your teams. Sounds interesting? It’s possible!

See you in Łódź and later on in Wrocław!

Find out more at:

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Keywords: RPA, automation, workflow, crm, erp, digitization, digitalization, automatyzacja, archwizacja, digitalizacja, druk, e-faktura, elektroniczny obieg informacji, narzędzia back-office, obieg dokumentów, skan, zarządzanie dokumentami.

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