The Small Animal That’s Making a Big Difference for Women in the Developing World
Melinda Gates

The best solutions are usually the simplest ones and I must applaud this initiative.

While chickens are great foragers and convert feed efficiently the tipping point of viability for raising chickens is meeting their protein needs affordably. Protein is the largest cost/growth contributor of any livestock feed and this becomes even more evident on small scale agriculture and aquaculture.

I believe this is where the real work needs to be done and there are solutions available. Insects can easily be trapped or raised on waste products, they are the most efficient converters of protein and a natural food for many animals, especially chickens.

Some alien and pest plants like the Acacias which have spread worldwide have a pollen protein content close to 20%. A possible bounty of free and accessible protein for small scale farmers.

Relying solely on grains and commercial feeds is the largest limitation on the success and profitability of small scale farming. Sustainable alternative feeds need to be found.

For your work on empowering African women, generating pride and ownership of destiny, I salute you.

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