Open Letter to Peter Cohen of CCHO
Laura Foote Clark

Neither YIMBY Laura Foote Clark nor CCHO Peter Cohen can be taken seriously on this because they are paid to advance an agenda to the benefit of others. The main problem in housing in San Francisco is that residents are represented by proxy in land use decision-making by Cohen and CCHO while developers get their seats at the table. Both developers and CCHO hold existing San Franciscans in contempt.

Thus the only policies they support are in their self interest. CCHO has not won a contested ballot measure in three decades. They have no political connection to San Franciscans. They get public dollars for their projects, few and far between, and then turn around and lobby government for more public dollars. And they’ve secured an exemption on disclosing the finances of their self-serving grasstroturf operations.

Housing costs like any other commodity or asset are determined by the maximum that the market will bear, not by the cost of construction. The costs of allowing YIMBY and CCHO to set the terms of our land use debate are as high as what the market will bear for luxury condos.

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