Supervisor Wiener’s Letter to Municipal Transportation Agency Urging Agency Not to Undermine…
Scott Wiener

When I first moved here in the 1980s, the tech jobs of interest were all down on the Peninsula so I drove to work. That stopped in the late 1990s when traffic became too congested and the commute began to eat into my life and tech jobs of interest sprung up in SF. I’ve taken periods of unemployment to not commute. But like previous generations of tech migrants — we’ve been here for decades — I did not demand that the City rearrange the furniture for my convenience like today’s gold rush coders are. Google, Facebook, Apple and Genentech could all dip into petty cash and pay for the enhancements to CalTrain to make it one pimped out ride for everyone and provide shuttle services at the last mile. But that would involve thinking about and spending money on others.

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