Caitlin, Is CounterPunch going to give you the chance to respond to those hit pieces?
Stuart Davies

When it comes to Nader and Camejo, St. Clair and Frank will hold onto that chestnut until it is pried from their cold dead leftist fingers. They still hold a grudge about how Cobb out-hustled Nader for the Green nomination in 2004, oblivious to the fact that the Democrats successfully framed Nader for spoiling Gore which fatally injured the Greens. They thought that Cobb’s candidacy was a project of the “demogreens” who were secretly running interference for the Democrats rather than those who read the skittish mood of the Bush I era electorate.

They will most likely not offer up any forum to contest their framing. They certainly did not back when they went on their jihad. St. Clair’s friendship with Nader trumps any objective consideration of the political context in play. And Camejo was even worse, a former trotskyite turned investment advisor turned Green Party elite, he did what so many failed leftists have done, attempt entrism to an established progressive party somewhat consonant with his values. As usual, when Trotskyites attack the end result is a lot of screaming and a schism.

If the sectarian left, trotskyites and such, did not exist, the FBI would have had to have invented them.