The Finger’s on the Self-Destruct Button

The streaming model is not the problem, in fact it’s the best media consumption model we’ve devised yet. It’s far better than individual physical media like optical disks for many reasons, and it’s a good improvement over paying for individual digital downloads as well.

I believe the problem that is plaguing musicians (more than other types of artists even) is much older than streaming services, and that’s the label and music industry structure that monopolizes distribution and exposure channels. This industry developed into something extremely powerful and lucrative decades ago, and it’s been resisting progress that dampens its impact for a long time already.

The solution seems to be to develop platforms that allow musicians to empower themselves and reap most of the rewards their creations garner. Like the author says, a musician can accomplish all self-promotion without having a presence on a streaming service. There’s no reason such a service couldn’t provide another level of value instead of being something to avoid on principle.

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